More People Would Rather House Hunt Than Have Sex? Cancel Friend Plans Too?

Before we get to the body of this story, I must say my Father, Dr. August Coppola (English Professor)

always called house hunting the great American sport. So maybe the following was true of him.

Survey Finds People Would Rather House-Hunt On Zillow Than Have Sex

One hobby has taken off in the last year, and according to a new survey it’s reaching the point where

it’s interfering with people’s daily lives. California contractor site Surety First noticed the trend and did

a survey of one thousand participants to find out more about their Zillow habit. The results are a bit


 49-percent say they’d rather scroll Zillow looking at “dream homes” than have sex.

 58% say they’ve missed an important deadline because of their Zillow browsing.

 56% say they’ve canceled plans with friends to keep scrolling.

It’s crazy, but it’s true; dreaming about the “perfect house” is a big deal right now. Saturday Night

noticed the trend back in February, making fun of the fad with a skit starring Dan Levy. There’s

no sign of it slowing down, which means normal life will continue to be disrupted for some by dreams

of owning the perfect house.

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