Furious Parents Claim Their Son's Headstone Was Removed Without Warning

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A North Carolina couple were outraged to find their late son's tombstone had been repossessed.

Five-year-old Jake Leatherman died from juvenile leukemia last November, and his death quickly became national news because of his remarkable funeral. The young NASCAR fan died before he could ever see a race in person, so famous drivers and their pit crews attended Leatherman's funeral instead.

It was a bittersweet ending to the young boy's short life, but now his parents are dealing with heartbreak all over again. During a recent visit to Leatherman's grave, his mother Crystal discovered the boy's custom grave marker had been removed, leaving a muddy hole in its place.

The tombstone, which featured an picture of Jake and his tiny hand print, had been repossessed by the owner of the Southeastern Monument Company. J.C. Shoaf, the company's owner and a pastor, insists the Leathermans owed him money, but they say that's not true.

Their case attracted a lot of controversy, debate, and a surprising ending...

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