White Castle Wedding Finalists!

Thank you to everyone who entered to win a White Castle Wedding! Below are the finalists. You may vote once per day. Voting ends Sunday, March 5 at 11:59pm.


Kara Lewis

"I have loved White Castle since I can remember. My dad worked the late shift on the weekends and often he would wake me up when he got home, with a sack of sliders.  What a wonderful thing to wake up to! It would mean a lot to me to win this wedding."

Nicole Madison


"Ever since I saw the first White Castle wedding, my fiance of almost 27 years and I have dreamed of having a White Castle wedding. White Castle to us means Great Food, Love and Family. I am proud that White Castle in the Louisville area welcome homeless for a warm cup of coffee and always a friendly smile. White Castle = HOPE!"

Dylan Lowery

"To me, and my beautiful young girlfriend, white Castle represents our first date. We are both 24 years old, and met when we were 18. Our first date was a trip to the Louisville skatepark back in 2010, then a visit to White Castle on E. Market St.. To us, it represents our first restaurant together, delicious classic food, and where we began to truly fall in love."

Brittany McCombs

"White Castle has always been a family tradition, every year for my birthday we would come to white Castle and celebrate! We came in, ordered our food and sat down and I could feel someone watching me. He was just staring. We continued on with our celebration and just as we was about to leave the stranger came over to our seat and sat down beside me. He looked at my plate in front of me and said "are you going to finish that" I don't know why but I just fell in love. The goofy brown eyed boy had me at hello and ever since then we go back to white Castle to celebrate my birthday and reminisce on the love that's only grown stronger since that day!"

Steve Whitworth

"WC means the world to us both. Our first date was there over 30 years ago, we celebrate every anniversary there and Valentines day  and were also members of the white castle hall of fame. We would love to celebrate out 30th wedding anniversary and renew our wedding vowels with WQMF..."





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