A Woman Is Suing Because She Was Hurt in a Fight Over a Free Sex Toy


A judge is going to rule on her case in the next few weeks. 


(Daily Mail)



A Man Hires an Escort . . . Which Turns Out To Be His Son's Girlfriend


This is a hell of a way to learn your girlfriend is an escort, and a liar AND that your dad is a raging pervert !


(The Local)



A Woman Gets Revenge on Her Husband For Cheating With a Walmart Employee . . . By Putting Up Nude Posters of Them at the Walmart


She was arrested for one count of pandering obscenities, and just pleaded not guilty. 





Five Rules for Dating a Coworker


If you've been thinking about asking out one of your coworkers, here are five rules you both need to follow . . .


(Female First)