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Charlie Steele


The Difference between 1970 and 2015

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Good luck to Bret Hart and his family

// It is with great remorse that I feel compelled to speak truthfully to my friends, family and my millions of fans around... Posted by Bret Hart on  Monday, February 1,...
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VIDEO: Tornado throws cars in Florida

This is crazy.
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Never tell him the odds

Just came across this incredible hole in one from 2009.  
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Worlds fastest Rubik's Cube solving robot.

Robot can solve the puzzle in just a little over 1 second.
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Beware the Monster Lizard coming this weekend.

I had forgotten about this one. HAHAHAHA!
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The un-official song of the south end

Some of you may remember Dwight Witten AKA Cozy D from QMF. Here's his salute to Dixie Highway.  // SWEET HOME DIXIE HIGHWAY Posted by Dwight Witten on Tuesday,...
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Gary Busey doesn't work on January 8th

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Best Lottery Answer Ever!

The only answer that would have been better would have been this.
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If you were underwhelmed by the new Star Wars movie, read this.

When I went to see The Force Awakens on opening day, I walked out thinking something was missing.  I was right!  See what you missed in the novelization of the movie.  IMO worth the...
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