Q: Who can Intern with Clear Channel Radio?

A: Our internships are open to college students who are able to receive college credit. Interns must live or attend school in the Louisville area.

Q: I already graduated college. Can I still intern?

A: Sorry, you must be able to receive academic credit from an accredited institution of higher education to take part in our internship program.

Q: How much do your internships pay?

A: Our internships are unpaid. You must be receiving college credit to intern with us.

Q: What will I do while I'm interning?

A: Exact responsibilities depend on your specific internship. We have opportunities in several departments, including Programming, Promotions, Web, Video, Sales, and IT, just to name a few.

Q: How long do internships last?

A: Internship length is typically one semester, as defined by your college's internship guidelines.